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TU Munich

Established In 1868

QS World Ranking #37

Public University

Acceptance Rate: 8%

TU Munich Overview

  • Prestigious Background: TUM started in 1868 and is a big university in Germany. It’s known for studies in engineering, technology, medicine, and science.
  • Multiple Campuses: It has a main campus in Munich and a large one in Garching. These places have different schools like Medicine and Sport Sciences.
  • Organization: In 2023, TUM has seven areas of study, focusing on science and technology.
  • Research Excellence: TUM is famous for research in energy, space, and brain science. It gets support from important programs.
  • TUM has research centers that combine teaching and research. They also collaborate with companies for real-world research.

English Langauage Requirement

Test Score
PTE 65

TU Munich Eligibility

Masters Degree

  • Bachelor’s degree transcripts
  • ​Application Fee: not required
  • English Language Proficiency
  • GMAT: 600 or above
  • Work experience proof of at least three years
  • Resume or CV
  • Letter of motivation
  • Copy of valid passport
  • Certified translation of transcripts in English or German
  • Interview


  • Bachelor’s degree transcripts
  • ​Application Fee: not required
  • English Language Proficiency
  • GMAT: 600 or above
  • Work experience proof of at least three years
  • Resume or CV
  • Letter of motivation
  • Copy of valid passport
  • Certified translation of transcripts in English or German
  • Interview

Bachelors Degree

  • Higher Education Entrance Qualifications
    Preliminary documents from students with international higher education qualifications
  • GPA: 2.0 GPA or 73-76%
  • German Proficiency Scores:
    DSD II: Leve; B 2 in all 4 sections
    telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule
    TESTDAF: Level 4 in all sections
  • OSD Certificate C2
  • International Baccalaureate: German A (High Level)
  • Reference Letter
  • Brief Description of Bachelor’s Thesis
  • CV
  • Letter of motivation or Essay

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Application Deadlines

Summer Deadline 15th Of January
Winter Deadline 15th Of July

TU Munich Course Duration

MS 2 Years 
MIM 2 Years
B.E/B.Tech 3-4 Years
B.Sc 3 Years
Executive MBA/PGDM 2 Years
BBA  3 Years
Ph.D 3-4 Years
B.Arch 4 Years
Others PG 2 Years
M.Agri 2 Years

TU Munich Courses Offered

Masters Of Science
    • Data Engineering and Analytics
    • Sustainable Management & Technology
    • Finance and Information Management (FIM)
    • Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence
    • Software Engineering [Elite Graduate Program]
    • Computational Science and Engineering (CSE)
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Nutrition and Biomedicine
    • Management & Technology
    • Power Engineering
    • Communications and Electronics Engineering
    • Resource Efficient and Sustainable Building
    • Landscape Architecture
    • Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology
    • Aerospace
    • Mathematics in Data Science
    • Health Science – Prevention and Health Promotion
    • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
    • Information Systems
    • Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics
    • Biology
    • Biomedical Neuroscience
    • Management
    • Mathematical Finance and Actuarial Science
    • Materials Science and Engineering
    • Computational Mechanics
    • Informatics
    • Information Technologies for the Built Environment
    • Quantum Science & Technology
    • Chemical Biotechnology
    • Transportation Systems
    • Sustainable Resource Management
    • Sport & Exercise Science
    • Vocational Education and Innovation
    • Risk and Safety
    • Neuroengineering
    • Consumer Science
    • Agricultural Biosciences
    • Master in Management & Digital Technology
    • ESPACE Earth Oriented Space Science and Technology
    • 24 Physics (Applied and Engineering Physics)
    • Radiation Biology
    • Mathematics
    • Life Science Economics and Policy
    • Executive MBA in Business & IT
    • Management & Innovation
    • Mathematics in Science and Engineering
    • Informatics: Games Engineering
    • Biomass Technology
    • Matter to Life – Focus: Bioengineering [combined Master’s/PhD program at Max Planck School
    • Land Management and Geospatial Science
    • Bioeconomy
    • Cartography [Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Program]
    • Ecological Engineering
    • Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation
    • Geodesy and Geoinformation
    • Responsibility in Science, Engineering and Technology (RESET)
    • Politics & Technology
    • Master in Materials Science Exploring Large Scale Facilities (MaMaSELF+) [Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Program]
    • Executive MBA in General Management
    • Technology of Biogenic resources
    • Science and Technology Studies (STS)


    • Sustainable Management & Technology
    • Management & Technology
    • Information Engineering (at TUM Campus Heilbronn)
    • Aerospace


    Is gate required for ms in germany?

    No, the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is not a requirement for pursuing a Master’s degree (MS) in Germany.

    Is munich expensive for students?

    Munich is often considered one of the more expensive cities in Germany, especially for students.

    Is tu munich free for international students?

    Tuition fee is zero

    Which is the no 1 university in germany?

    The Technical University of Munich holds the top position, with LMU Munich ranking second.

    Is tu munich a good university?

    Yes, The Technical University of Munich is positioned at the 30th spot in the World University Rankings by Times Higher Education, earning an impressive overall score of 4.1 stars.

    How much does it cost to study at tu munich?

    The university does not impose tuition fees, but international students are required to pay a semester fee.

    Acceptance rate for tu munich for masters

    The acceptance rate at the Technical University of Munich is approximately 8%.

    What gate score is required for tum Germany?

    Prospective students should aim for a GATE score of 90% or higher.

    What is the gre score for TU Munich?

    Applicants are required to achieve a minimum GRE score ranging from 157 to 164 in the Quantitative section and a score of 4.0 in the Analytical Writing section.

    Is gate mandatory for TU Munich?

    GATE is not a mandatory requirement for admission to TU Munich. It’s important to note that only Indian applicants can use a GATE score at certain universities, with a minimum necessary percentile of 90. However, for Studienkolleg, GATE or GRE is not required.

    What rank is TU Munich germany?

    TU Munich is ranked joint 37th in the world by the QS World University Rankings® 2022, 3rd in Germany, and 86th in the global 2023 rating. In the Times Higher Education (THE) University Ranking, it is the best university in Germany and the EU. It’s 33rd in the World University Rankings 2024 and 79th in the global 2023 rating according to EduRank.

    What is the average salary in TU Munich?

    The average salary of TU Munich graduates is around $165,000, ranging from $141,000 to $254,000 per year. The highest-paid alumni are in Executive Management & Change, earning $120,000 annually, while engineering professionals earn around $48,000. Graduates can earn up to 131,000 EUR per annum.

    Is munich student friendly?

    Munich is ranked as the second most student-friendly location in the world, with an overall score of 95.1 out of 100. It offers a low cost of studying and many scholarships, grants, and other forms of aid for students.

    Is TU berlin better than TU munich?

    Both universities and cities have their own merits, and your choice should align with your post-graduation career aspirations and personal preferences. Munich, with its more conservative atmosphere, is home to established tech companies and offers a stable and structured environment.

    why choose TU Munich?

    TU Munich enjoys an excellent employer reputation, scoring 96.8 for employer reputation in the QS World University Ranking. It’s known as a top-ranked public university in Germany and a “University of Excellence”. It has a strong research focus and a history of Nobel laureates and inventors.

    Should i study in munich or berlin?

    Both Munich and Berlin are considered excellent cities for international students. Munich, being a major center for technology, art, innovation, business, and tourism, offers a vibrant student life and strong research emphasis.

    Is TU Munich good for Masters?

    TU Munich is highly regarded for its Masters programs. It’s consistently featured as one of the highest-ranked universities in Germany in the QS World University Rankings. TUM offers around 200-degree programs, including a wide selection of English-taught courses and programs, making it an appealing choice for Masters studies.

    Is TU Munich a public or private university?

    TU Munich is a public university.

    Which is better, IIT or Technical University of Munich?

    Comparing IIT (Indian Institutes of Technology) and TU Munich is challenging as each has its unique strengths. Factors such as the specific program, faculty, research opportunities, and career goals should be considered. Additionally, cultural and geographic preferences play a significant role in determining which institution is better for an individual.

    Can I study at TUM without knowing German?

    It is entirely possible to study at TUM without knowing German, especially for programs taught in English. However, having a basic understanding of German can enhance your experience in Germany. TUM, like many German universities, offers numerous English-taught Bachelors and Masters programs. Still, proof of sufficient German language skills is required for programs taught in German.

    Is TUM introducing fees for international students?

    Starting in the winter semester of 2024/25, TU Munich will introduce tuition fees for international students from third countries enrolling in a new degree program. Fees will range between €2,000-3,000 for bachelor’s programs and €4,000-6,000 for master’s programs per semester. This marks a significant policy change as TUM was previously free of tuition for students from Germany, the EEA, and equivalent states.

    What percentage of TU Munich students are international?

    Around 41% of the total student body at TU Munich consists of international students. This high percentage reflects the university’s global appeal and its commitment to fostering a diverse academic community.

    Is it hard to get admission in Germany for Masters?

    Getting admission for a Masters in Germany is generally considered accessible compared to other countries. There are no admission tests or interviews for most programs. The primary requirement is an undergraduate degree in a related field. Germany offers high-quality education, many tuition-free options, and a generous post-study work visa for international graduates, making it an appealing destination for Master’s studies.

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