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Germany Student Visa Requirements-All you need to know

by | German student Visa, Student visa

Germany Student Visa Requirements-All you need to know

by | Jul 1, 2024 | German student Visa, Student visa

Germany Student Visa from India

If you are admitted to a German university or preparatory school, you will have to apply for a German student visa. There are a few conditions you need to achieve before you can accomplish it.


What Are the German Student Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens?

The prerequisites for an Indian student visa to Germany are:

  • A letter of acceptance from a German university or preparatory school is required.
  • You need a sponsor, a blocked account, or sufficient money to support your stay in Germany.
  • A student health insurance policy is required.


Where to Apply for a German Student Visa in India?

Visit any of the following German diplomatic embassies to apply for a student visa:

In India, VFS Global


Appointment Wait Times in India

Processing Center Appointment Wait Time Booking Method
VFS Global in India Waiting time not specified Online or by calling 022-67866013
German Consulate General in Bangalore 2 days Online or by calling 022-67866013
German Consulate General in Chennai 2 days Online or by calling 022-67866013
German Embassy in New Dehli 10 weeks Online or by calling 022-67866013
German Embassy in Kolkata 1 week Online or by calling 022-67866013
German Embassy in Mumbai 48 hours Online or by calling 022-67866013


How to Apply for a German Student Visa in India?

You must apply using the guidelines listed below in order to obtain a German student visa in India:

  • Make an application to a German study program.
  • Locate the German embassy in India.
  • Schedule a time to submit your visa application.
  • assemble the necessary paperwork.
  • Send in your application.
  • Await receiving a response.
  • Go to Germany now.

Apply for a German Study Program

To be eligible for a German student visa, you must first be accepted into a German language school or study program. This is essential because your visa application requires proof of acceptance. If you haven’t been accepted yet or are waiting for a response, you must apply for a student applicant visa and provide documentation showing your application was submitted successfully.

Look for a German Embassy in India

You must first locate the appropriate German diplomatic mission in India that handles student visa processing before you can start putting your paperwork together. Make sure to find a German embassy in India that is close to your place of residence as they handle applications for student visas.

Schedule a Time to Submit Your Visa Application.

Once you’ve identified the nearest German embassy or consulate that processes visas, schedule an appointment to submit your application. Keep in mind, appointments are required. Moreover, the time of year and the embassy’s workload can affect how long it takes to get an appointment, which could be several weeks.

Collect the Necessary Records

You must complete the necessary paperwork for your visa application by the day of your appointment. This typically includes your passport, proof of schooling, evidence of financial support, and other relevant documents. Make sure to have all the required documents on time, as an incomplete application may result in the denial of your visa.

Send in Your Application

You have to go to the embassy or consulate on the day of your visa appointment and turn in the necessary paperwork. You might also have to go to a visa interview and turn in your fingerprints, or biometric data, on the same day.

Cover the Visa Fee

Depending on the German diplomatic mission, you might need to finish paying the visa cost on the day of your appointment at the embassy or consulate.

Await a Response

After you finish the visa interview and submit your application, it typically takes the embassy 15 to 30 days to process and respond. If approved, you can enter Germany and start your studies. If denied, you will receive a letter explaining the decision and next steps.


Required documents

German National Visa Application Form:

  • Submit two signed and completed copies.


  • Must have two blank visa pages.
  • Valid for at least three more months from the date of the visa appointment.

Two Copies of the Bio Page in the Passport:

  • Scan the A4-formatted passport pages with personal information and photos.

Admission Letter:

  • From a prep school, university, or language school.
  • State the language of instruction for each course.
  • Submit two copies of the original letter.

APS Certification:

  • Obtain a certificate of academic evaluation from the Academic Evaluation Center connected to the Science Section of the New Delhi Embassy.
  • Schedule an appointment with the APS and then schedule your visa appointment.

Three Visa Photos:

  • Follow the guidelines set by the German embassy in India.
  • Preferably taken in a studio.

School Credentials and Certifications:

  • Provide two copies and the original copy of your documents.

Curriculum Vitae:

  • Include a copy of your résumé detailing your training, work history, and qualifications.

Evidence of Financial Capability:

  • Submit a demand draft for a verified account or a scholarship if applicable.
  • Include a Letter of Sponsorship if sponsored.

Student Health Insurance in Germany:

  • Obtain from local Indian businesses or international travel insurance organizations like AXA, DR. Walter, or Europ Assistance.

Language Proficiency Certificate:

  • If the acceptance letter does not indicate proficiency, submit a certificate at least at level B2.

Approved certificates for German proficiency:

      • TestDaF (German as a Foreign Language Test).
      • DSH (German language university entrance exam).
      • Goethe Institute Diploma in German Language (GDS).
      • Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs’ German Language Diploma (level II).

Approved certificates for English proficiency:

    • The TOEFL is the English as a Foreign Language Test.
    • IELTS (International English Language Testing System).


Visa Fee for German student Visa in India 

The cost of a German student visa is EUR 75 (INR 6,780.87). For minors, it’s EUR 37.50 (INR 3,390.44). You can pay the visa fee in cash or by credit card at the embassy or consulate. Additionally, some embassies may accept other payment methods, so it’s best to check with the relevant office.


Processing time for a German Student Visa

After the interview, the German Missions in India typically need 15 to 30 days to finalize your student visa. It might take a few more weeks, though, if they require more paperwork or are handling a large number of visa applications.


Money required to Study in Germany

To apply for a student visa, you must prove to the German Embassy that you have at least EUR 11,208 (INR 1,013,333.26) annually. Typically, you need to transfer this money to a German bank and open a blocked account. Alternatively, getting a scholarship is another common strategy. Regardless, you must finalize your financial arrangements in India before applying for the visa.


Post Arrival in Germany: Process for Students from India

Once you arrive in Germany from India, you must obtain a residence permit, register your address, activate any blocked accounts, and sign up for health insurance.

Registering your address

You must obtain a Registration Certificate and register your address with the local registration office as soon as you are settled into your accommodation in Germany. You should obtain this certificate as soon as possible because you’ll need it to unlock your blocked account and submit an application for a residency visa.

Activating your blocked account

You must open a German bank account after registering your address in order to transfer funds from your blocked account there. You will receive a debit card or Girocard in addition to the bank account so that you may access your funds. The compensation amount for each month will be EUR 934.

Getting health insurance

Every Indian student studying in Germany must obtain health insurance. If you are under thirty, you must register for public health insurance, known as “statutory.” For those over thirty, only private insurance, such as DR. Walter’s EDUCARE24 Comprehensive Plan, is available. Both options have their own benefits and provide adequate coverage. If unsure, you can check here to determine the appropriate health insurance once you arrive in Germany.

Getting your student residence permit

You need to obtain a residence permit because your German student visa is only good for three months after you arrive. To submit an application for a residency permit, you need to:

  • The university’s admission letter.
  • Evidence that your account has been blocked.
  • The Registration Certificate.
  • evidence of health coverage.
  • Your application for a residency permit must be turned in to the Ausländerbehörde (local Foreigner’s Office).


1.How Long Is a German Student Visa Valid for Indian Nationals?

Indian nationals are granted a German student visa for a minimum of one year and a maximum of two years. You can prolong your stay till your studies are finished if you haven’t finished them in this amount of time. You must go to the local Ausländerbehörde, or Foreigner’s Office, to accomplish this.


2. Can Indian Citizens Work in Germany With a Student Visa?

Yes, with certain restrictions, Indian nationals studying in Germany are able to work during their studies as long as their visas are valid. They are able to work 240 days a year, or 120 full days. You must obtain authorization from the Immigration Office (Agentur für Arbeit) and the Employment Agency if you need to work longer than the hours that are allowed.


3. Can Indian Nationals Get Permanent Residence With a German Student Visa?

With a student visa, Indian nationals cannot apply for residence permits in Germany. After completing your studies, you must find employment and, if eligible, apply for an EU Blue Card or work visa to stay in the country.

If you don’t secure a job after graduation, you can apply for a job seeker visa to extend your stay by six months to find work. Once you find a job, you must apply for a German residence permit for foreign workers, which can eventually lead to permanent residency.


4. How Long Does a German Student Visa Interview Take in India?

A German student visa interview may take from one hour to several hours, depending on the questions asked and your responses. However, to prevent application backlogs, the embassy will try to keep the interview as brief as possible if many people are applying.


5. Can I Bring My Family Members to Germany With a Student Visa From India?

If you fulfill the following requirements and have a student visa, you are allowed to bring your dependant children and partner to Germany from India.

  • You need to have a current resident permit.
  • When you obtained your German residency permit, you were already married to your partner.
  • You will be in Germany for more than a year.
  • You are able to provide for your family when they are visiting Germany.
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