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Executive MBA in General Management – Master of Science – TU Munich

by | Masters Of Science, TU Munich

Executive MBA in General Management – Master of Science – TU Munich

by | Dec 3, 2023 | Masters Of Science, TU Munich

executive mba
executive mba


The IIMC EPGM course is meticulously designed to meet your current professional requirements, providing a comprehensive understanding of essential business functions, key concepts, tools, and techniques relevant to your functional areas. This course is a well-rounded package, encompassing 7 modules specifically tailored for professionals in general management.

  1. Finance: Focused on financial management principles and practices.
  2. Economics: Covers economic theories and their application in business.
  3. Marketing: Emphasizes strategies and tactics in marketing.
  4. Operations: Deals with the management of processes and systems in production and services.
  5. Behavioural Science: Explores the impact of human behaviour in organizational settings.
  6. Strategic Management: Centres on long-term planning and strategy formulation.
  7. Ethics & Communication: Addresses ethical principles in business and effective communication skills.


Course Details

University Technical University of Munich
Degree Executive MBA in General Management  (EMBA)
Subjects Business Administration, General Management, Business Strategy, Management & Consulting, Energy Engineering
Language English only
Application Deadlines Winter semester: 31 Aug; Summer semester: 28 Feb
Duration 2 Years (Part-time, starting: Both semesters)
ECTS Credits 90
Tuition Fees € 9750 per semester (Total tuition fee: € 39,000 plus student union fee)
Study Mode Part-time, On campus
Qualification Requirements Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) or master’s degree, 6 semesters standard study period, 210 ECTS credits, at least 3 years of professional experience
Language Requirements Proficiency in English (skills assessed during admission process, no test results required)
Application Procedure Direct application at the University (incl. VPD from uni-assist), local admission restriction, interview
Application Fee The initial application fee is €75, and for every subsequent application, the fee is €30 each.


Admission Documents

  1. Complete and Current Resume/CV: Must be comprehensive, without chronological gaps, detailed on a monthly basis, and presented in English. Every month since secondary school should be accounted for.
  2. Letter of Motivation: Written in English.
  3. Proof of Professional Work Experience: At least three years of relevant work experience, verified through confirmations or references from current or former employers, stating specific start and end dates. Note that internships do not count. For self-employed applicants, a trade register excerpt is required.
  4. Transcript of the First University Degree: Includes all passed modules, credits, and the final grade. This is required even if you have a Master’s degree.
  5. Grading System: Details of the grading system, including the maximum and minimum passing grades, usually included in the transcript of records.
  6. Copy of Valid Passport/ID: A complete copy of both sides.
  7. Certified Translations: If original documents are not in English or German, certified translations of these documents are needed.
  8. Special Conditions for Certain Countries: Applicants from countries like China, India, or Vietnam should be aware of additional specific requirements.
  9. Preliminary Review Documentation (VPD): Required by uni-assist e.V. if applicable.

Career opportunities

  1. C-Level Executive Roles: Graduates are equipped to take on top executive positions like CEO, CFO, or COO in various industries, leading strategic decision-making and organizational direction.
  2. Management Consulting: Skills gained are ideal for roles in consulting firms, advising businesses on strategy, organizational improvement, and performance enhancement.
  3. Entrepreneurship and Startup Leadership: The program prepares graduates to start or lead businesses, providing comprehensive knowledge in managing all aspects of a company.
  4. Global Business Management: Opportunities in multinational companies, managing international teams, and navigating global business challenges.
  5. Business Development and Strategy: Roles focusing on developing new business strategies, market expansion, and driving organizational growth and innovation.


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