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CBS International Business School – All you need to know

by | CBS International Business School

CBS International Business School – All you need to know

by | Jun 16, 2024 | CBS International Business School

CBS International Business School-All you need to know about!!

The merger of Cologne Business School (CBS) and European Management School (EMS) in 2020 gave rise to CBS International Business School, a renowned private institution in Germany. Located in Cologne, one of the country’s most populous cities and a hub for education, CBS attracts approximately 1,900 students to its business management programs, primarily conducted in English. Since its establishment in 1993 as an “International Campus,” CBS has prioritized internationally compliant and practice-oriented management studies, offering a diverse range of full-time, part-time, and extracurricular programs in both German and English. The school’s reputation extends globally, with over 120 partnerships established with colleges and businesses worldwide, pioneering bachelor’s degrees recognized internationally.

Not only is CBS International Business School recognized by the Wissenschaftsrat and the North Rhine-Westphalian Province’s Ministry of Science, but it is also part of the esteemed Klett Group, one of the top educational conglomerates in Europe. About forty bachelor’s, master’s, and MBA programs are included in the school’s extensive portfolio. All of these programs have regular accreditation from prestigious organizations like FIBAA and the German Council of Science and Humanities. Additionally, institutional accreditation by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) further underscores CBS’s commitment to academic excellence. The impact of CBS resonates globally through its accomplished alumni, who hold significant positions across various industries, reinforcing the school’s legacy of producing successful professionals like Julia Börmann, Katrin Flöther, and Florian Schumacher, among others.


Reasons to Choose CBS Business School

  • Real-World Education: CBS provides students with a blend of academic learning and practical training, ensuring they are well-prepared for meaningful careers.
  • Global Orientation: With connections to over 180 universities worldwide, CBS offers a diverse and globalized learning atmosphere, enriching students’ educational experiences.
  • Career Opportunities: CBS boasts an extensive network of partnerships with top global businesses, offering students a wide array of exceptional internship opportunities to kickstart their careers.
  • Excellence in Instruction: Recognized as a leading provider of digital education in Germany, CBS delivers superior instruction, ensuring students receive a high-quality learning experience.
  • Diverse Program Offerings: CBS offers numerous business degree programs, providing students with ample opportunities for specialization and tailoring their education to their interests and career goals.



Popular Courses on CBS


  • Diverse Study Programs: CBS International Business School offers over 40 study programs, encompassing various fields that meet international standards.
  • Popular Courses: Some of the popular courses at CBS include:
  • Business Administration

  • International Business

  • IT Software

  • Digital Management

  • Digital Marketing

  • Financial Management

  • Logistics and Trade

  • Marketing

  • Human Resource Management

  • Sports Management

  • Technology

  • Tourism

  • Consulting

These programs prioritize the integration of theoretical knowledge with real-world application, attracting students from diverse backgrounds and regions to CBS International Business School.

Fees Structure of CBS International Business School

  • Tuition Fees: The tuition costs at CBS International Business School vary depending on the chosen study program and location. Here’s a breakdown:
    • PRE-CBS Online Program: 8,750 euros

    • W- and T-Course: 12,000 euros

    • Bachelor’s and Master’s MBA Full-time: 8,910 euros

    • Bachelor’s and master’s Full-time: 7,290 euros

    • Fast Track: 11,880 euros

  • Living Expenses: On average, students can expect to spend between €800 and €1,000 per month on living expenses while studying at CBS.
  • Part-Time Employment: Students are permitted to work part-time during their studies, with a maximum of 20 hours per week during the semester and up to 40 hours per week during holidays. Part-time wages typically range between 7 and 12 euros per hour.
  • Enrollment Charge: Upon acceptance to CBS, students are required to pay a one-time enrollment charge of 600 euros.



Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Non-EU Students Scholarship at CBS Business School, applicants must meet the following conditions:

  1. Nationality: Applicants must be nationals of specified countries, including Australia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, and India.
  2. First-Time Application: Candidates must be applying for the first time to an MBA, master’s, or bachelor’s degree program at CBS Business School.
  3. Exceptional Academic History: Applicants should demonstrate an outstanding academic record.
  4. Extracurricular Involvement: Participation in extracurricular cultural and social activities is highly valued.
  5. Motivation Letter: Applicants are required to submit a one to two-page motivation letter outlining their goals for studying at CBS and in Germany.


Procedure for Applications

To apply to CBS International Business School, candidates must fulfill certain prerequisites. These include completing secondary education, holding a university degree, or possessing equivalent university entrance qualifications. CBS accepts comparable degrees obtained from outside universities. Examples of such degrees include the IB Diploma, A-Level Diploma, and General Certificate of Education.

Required Documents:

  1. Resume: Applicants must provide a well-organized resume, preferably formatted into tables for clarity.
  2. Academic Records: Candidates must submit a copy of their most recent diploma and a transcript showing all their grades. These documents should be provided in the original language, accompanied by translations into either German or English.
  3. Motivational Letter: A compelling motivational letter outlining the candidate’s aspirations and reasons for applying to CBS is required.
  4. Identification Documents: Applicants must include a photocopy of their passport. If applicable, a copy of their residency permit should also be provided.
  5. English Proficiency Certification: For non-native English speakers, proof of English proficiency is mandatory. This can be demonstrated through standardized tests like TOEFL or IELTS.
  6. Letter of Recommendation: While not mandatory, candidates may submit a letter of recommendation to strengthen their application. This letter should highlight the applicant’s skills, achievements, and suitability for the program.


Scholarship Opportunities

CBS International Business School offers various scholarship programs to provide financial assistance to students.


  • CBS Education Fund: Initiated by CBS, this fund provides financial aid to students in need.
  • CBS Stipend: Exceptionally motivated international applicants may be eligible for a one-time stipend of 3,000 euros toward their tuition fees (1,500 euros for MBA Fast-Track).
  • Scholarship for the Best Performer: This scholarship is awarded to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance.
  • Scholarship for Social Engagement: Students who have shown a strong commitment to community engagement and social causes may receive this award.
  • TSC Scholarship: CBS offers this scholarship program to eligible students.
  • EU Scholarship: Exclusive to applicants from other EU nations, this scholarship provides financial support to deserving candidates.
  • Coverage: Each scholarship program contributes to the student’s study costs for the award, helping alleviate financial burdens and promote academic success.


Q.CBS International Business School is located where?
Germany’s Cologne is home to the CBS International Business School. one of the most populated cities in Germany.

Q.Which intakes does CBS International Business School offer?
The main admissions periods for CBS International Business School are October for the winter semester and April for the summer semester.

Q.How excellent is CBS International Business School?
One of the first universities in Germany to offer a Bachelor of Arts in International Business is Cologne Business School (CBS) International Business School. Right now, CBS is regarded as one of Germany’s best colleges for business studies.

Q.Is accessing the CBS International Business School challenging?
72% of applicants are accepted to the CBS International Business School. There is a lot of competition and selection at the university.

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