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Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics – Master of Science – TU Munich

by | Masters Of Science, TU Munich

Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics – Master of Science – TU Munich

by | Dec 2, 2023 | Masters Of Science, TU Munich

biomedical engineering
biomedical engineering


This interdisciplinary study program primarily concentrates on applying novel research-driven principles and discoveries from the natural and engineering sciences in both medicine and life sciences. The aim is to develop innovative methods for prevention, diagnosis, and therapy.

The Physics Department at the Technical University of Munich in Germany provides a Master of Science (M.Sc.) program in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics. This program, at the Masters level, has a course duration of 2 years.


Course Details

University Technical University of Munich
Degree M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics
Subjects Bioengineering, Physics, Applied Engineering, Medicine, Biomedicine, Biomedical Engineering
Language English only
Application Deadlines Winter semester: 31 May; Summer semester: 30 Nov
Duration 2 Years (starting: Both semesters)
Tuition Fees Free (per semester)
Study Mode On campus
Qualification Requirements Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) comparable to TUM’s research-oriented bachelor, with courses in various physics, mathematics, chemistry, and biology subjects
Language Proficiency English: IELTS (min 6.5), TOEFL iBT (min 88), Cambridge (C1 Advanced/C2 Proficiency)
Application Procedure Directly at the University (incl. VPD from uni-assist), No admission test/interview
Application Fee The initial application fee is €75, and for every subsequent application, the fee is €30 each.

Admission Documents

  1. Curriculum Vitae: Your CV should be up-to-date and comprehensive, with no chronological gaps. You can upload this document during the online application process.
  2. Letter of Motivation: Your motivation letter, limited to two DIN A4 pages, should explain why you have chosen the specific master’s program at TUM. It should detail your suitability for the program, referencing the admission requirements, and your reasons for selecting this study program (such as interests, knowledge gained from your bachelor’s degree, and desired areas of specialization). The letter must be specifically tailored to the chosen master’s program; a generic statement of interest in the subject will not suffice. This letter can be uploaded during the online application.
  3. Academic Records of Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent): You must submit proof of your qualifying university degree. If you are applying before completing your bachelor’s degree, send a certified official transcript of records along with a formal list of pending courses (a link to these on your university’s official website is acceptable). Provide your degree certificate to the university as soon as you can, ideally within one year of starting your studies at TUM. For non-German bachelor’s degrees, complete an analysis of your curriculum and provide official descriptions of all completed courses (or a link to these on your university’s website).
  4. Language Proficiency: Refer to TUM’s language requirements.
  5. Special Conditions for Certain Countries: Applicants from China, Georgia, Iran, Mongolia, and Vietnam must adhere to specific document requirements.
  6. Health Insurance: A certificate of health insurance is required for enrollment.

Career Opportunities

  1. Clinical Engineering: Specializing in the maintenance and management of medical equipment, and working closely with healthcare professionals to ensure optimal use of biomedical technologies.
  2. Research and Development: Engaging in innovative research projects, either in academic institutions or in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, focusing on advancing medical technologies and treatment methods.
  3. Medical Imaging and Device Design: Developing and improving medical imaging technologies, such as MRI and ultrasound machines, or designing medical devices and prosthetics.
  4. Healthcare Consulting and Policy Making: Providing expert advice on biomedical technology implementation and healthcare policies, or working with regulatory bodies to ensure the safety and efficacy of medical devices and technologies.


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